Timelessness From Herds Of The Fathers

April 14th, 2011

In these days of ever changing trends, Tobi Babajide and Jason Akoi have a vision of providing ‘timeless leather goods for the ever changing gentleman’. They are achieving this vision through their company Herds of the Fathers. Although there are plans to incorporate more products, their current main products are backpacks, mini backpacks, and duffel bags, all in leather. Leather signifies class, quality, durability, and timelessness. These are some of the qualities that are not only showcased in their products, but in the values and brand of the company itself.

Herds of the Fathers preaches a powerful message- one of timelessness and individuality. Their goal is to encourage others to create their own style using classic pieces that will stand the test of time, and not be influenced by fickle fads that come with a bang and slowly fade away. They dare you to be different; to create and stand out.
Although these products are targeted at gentlemen, I can see ladies sporting them too. I actually first heard about this company via That Good Good Blog and now I’m happily spreading their message. (Yes, this is the second time I’m poaching from that blog but what do you expect, it’s got that Good Good!).Actually, when it comes down to it, Herds of the Fathers is not really about products, it’s about a lifestyle. Please check out their products from their store (see more products here), get a more personal feel of them at their blog, or contact them here. You can follow them on Twitter too.

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  1. Ginger says:

    Serendipity!! I am first today!
    Adiya where is my prize? you must create one for me..

  2. Ginger says:

    Ehh 2nd comment

    Where's my prize.
    Meanwhile these guys you profiled have some great looking products. Quite masculine though or should I say business looking. but looks solid.

    Between them and Gidan I think Nigerians can happily ignore the overpriced Burberry bags of this world…

  3. Ginger says:

    3rd comment (complaint)
    Adiya, chire CAPTCHA na, biko!

  4. Repressed One says:

    NICE!! They do great work…those products look VERY solid

  5. Rhapsody B. says:

    looks good to me, especially the redish/bronze tints. I don't think bag has gender, as long as I like it and can afford it then its mine.

    Stay blessed……

  6. kitkat says:

    wow.. i'm impressed hey! we shld keep it up! i'll check out their blog

  7. Ibhade says:

    classic! …classical!…unique….just like 'old money'…never runs out for generations to come:)

  8. ABIGAIL NY says:

    Posted on them too, they are amazing! Love their stuff.

    P.S. Love the blog header and layout right now, looks amazing!


  9. Natalie Suarez says:

    i LOVE those handbags! amazing :)


  10. Mbabazi says:

    these guys are so good.love their work…reallt timeless

  11. P.E.T. Projects says:

    I see real solid leather… the back-pack looks good.

  12. nutritionalert says:

    I love them!

    wishing that I can get some stuff like these with Ben 10 picture on it for my kidds.

  13. DIDI says:

    THe back-packs and handbags looks good and Strong too..we gotta keep the good work Up.

  14. Shabby says:

    those bags look really durable and very chic, even for women i love it.

  15. Nonye says:

    there's a classic thing to those bags! cooooool!!

  16. Chizy K says:

    ur right it seems a lot more bout d lifestyle, was not only paying attention to the products but their style. u can sense d quality 4rm afar

  17. A-9ja-Great says:

    Abeg i am proud to be a Nigerian jare.Finally something men can relate with.Nice one Adiya,keep 'em coming missy.

  18. Oh to Be a Muse says:

    you know, i've actually read about these guys before and the great bags that they make. thanks for sharing some more info and photos!

  19. The Corner Shop says:

    Thanks for the comments peeps! Yeah, i love their work, it's very impressive. @A9jaGreat, i knew you'd like 'em lol @Ginger X_x LOL!!

  20. T.Notes says:

    Niceeeee and very manly!I like!Checking these out!

  21. T.Notes says:

    They'd look spiffy on a suit!

  22. Bárbara says:

    Great blog honey! Check mine http://thanksgoshimawoman.blogspot.com/ go see and tell me what you think xoxo

  23. Vyvyka says:

    I want!!!!! I love big bags.Hmmm, these guys have got some real taste and swag…lol…I meant the bags are lovely. erm, Adiya, do the bags come hand-in-hand with the dudes? Just asking….

  24. Adura Ojo (aka Naijalines) says:

    Lovely. Lets hope we can all develop the habit to patronise our own.

  25. ShayShay... says:

    Ughhhh!!! Their bags (and their swagger… OMG their SWAGGER!). Seriously amazing. Too good.

    I've wanted an LV backpack thingie for as long as I can remember. But who needs Vuitton when they've got them?

    Gosh. Their swagger turns me to mush haha


  26. gretel says:

    wowww,this is my first time here and I absolutely adore this blog,yhu are so full of description,yhur choice of words are good.A lot of people have businesa blogs buy they make it too official hence very boring but yhu are different.
    Those bags???they must be something one would be proud of after donkey years,I particarly love that jewlry post,my birhthday is in 4 days and I'd so love it.
    I love ur blog and i'm ff asap,pls ff back at gretel-premonitionofthepast.blogspot.com thanks

  27. The Corner Shop says:

    Peeps thanks so much for the comments. Honestly, these guys are too much!! And Gretel, thanks SO much! *blushing*

  28. Natural Nigerian says:

    The bags look really good. Great job!

  29. Mary ? Mur says:

    ?nice post.)) love your blog?

  30. Joanna K. says:

    Love your blog!!!
    Following you!!
    Check out mine I'd love your opinion!!!


  31. MosaMuse says:

    love those bags!

  32. Chic Therapy says:

    lovely…they reek of good quality

  33. Titi's Passion says:

    Wow just wow dye need to make female bags too, love d color n texture of d bag. U can tell that time was Well spend on them. Love it!

  34. Miss C.C says:

    love it!

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