Ritual Spirits

April 16th, 2016

In this Ritual Spirit series, artist Josh Sessoms reflects ancient Egyptian goddesses. Here, he reflects the goddesses Moot, the unseen life force flowing through the multiverse; Nebethet, representing earthly consciousness, nature and the underworld; Hetheru, house of light or house of enlightenment; Tefnut embodying the powerfully feminine aspect of deep waters and intuition; etc.

See these beautiful illustrations below:







About the artist: Josh Sessoms is a contemporary artist focusing on figures that encapsulate the mystery, dynamism and poetic nature of existence. The subtlety of grace, dignity, love and power is a starting point from which he begins his artistic musings. He incorporates influences from ?ancient science, spirituality and philosophy into his work. Through his imagery he aspires to forge a bond with the viewer while illuminating the physicality, humanity and spiritual essence of his creations.

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