Looking at Africa through Yannis Davy’s Lens

October 2nd, 2015


It’s encouraging to see how much Africans have continued to do more in the creative industry. And more so when we see young people like Yannis Davy discovering a love for their craft, and pushing themselves to grow and do more. Yannis is from Gabon, and currently lives and studies in Toronto. But wherever he is, he aims to showcase an Africa that is rarely in the media, through his photography.




To me, photography is one of the highest forms of art because of how authentic and real most photographs are. A good photo will make you want to step into the frame and be a part of the world the photographer captured. A good photo is an invitation to how the photographer sees and experiences things. Taking photos is a way for me to capture moments and memories and share them with the world. It allows me to express myself creatively. It’s life. ~ Yannis Davy



Yannis’ work features a number of portraits.

Portraits are how I got into photography in the first place so I guess it’s just something that stuck because it is the thing I am used to the most. I also think part of the reason why I am mostly into portraits is because I am always interested in capturing people: their emotions, what they communicate and how they interact with the camera. ~ Yannis Davy




See more of his work in the links below:

Website | Tumblr | Instagram

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