If Nostalgia Were Coloured Brown

September 24th, 2015

You know what? We can’t describe this series any better than Nakeya Brown does herself!

“”If Nostalgia Were Coloured Brown” utilizes objects associated with home life and beautification processes as building blocks in constructing identity and black feminine spaces of self care. Each tablaeux is a site where memoirs, intimacy, womanhood, culture, and blackness converge in order to cultivate a sense of nostalgia. Iconic imagery of Diana Ross, Minnie Ripperton, Stephanie Mills, Denice Williams, Natalie Cole, LaBelle, and Melba commercial potency of black women’s bodies popular culture.”

The music of these strong black women featured in this series is curated in this mixtape.




Visit Nakeya B’s website and Tumblr for more of her work.

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