Hadithi: Letters to your Younger Self

May 4th, 2016

Hadithi is a letter and illustration project by Sandra Chege from Kenya. We love it! Hadithi means story in Swahili.

Sandra has asked people to “write letters to their younger selves at the point at which it mattered. The instruction was to look into their past and identify a moment or a period in time where they needed to hear something that would guide them through that particular challenge or triumph. These letters are about self, family, motivation, love, pain & release, and everything in between.”

Sandra is working with several visual artists to interpret some of the letters visually.

“This project was born from my frustration with how we discuss/ handle our societal grievances. The over simplification of complicated emotions for the benefit of radio conversation and social media memes often limit the scope of the conversation. My hope for this project is that we see a little bit of ourselves in each other. That it broadens our consideration and conversation on these themes and that can really only happen if people read and share the letters.”

See some of the letters and accompanying visuals below. Please read some of them as they are really encouraging.


“It’s funny how the young me is the old me now haha! This letter should probably be filled with warnings based on what I’ve lived and what I’ve seen and saving you painful experiences because you suddenly have the incredible gift of certain foresight”…see more


“Dear Philippa, I am writing you, you are 19, almost 20. I have slipped this into your notebook. I see you searching for answers, you read a lot but your energy is scattered. People tell you, “ You are beautiful,” you don’t believe it. You make mistakes, hurting yourself the most”…see more


More themes coming up here! Can’t wait!

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