Ghosts of Badagry

June 23rd, 2017

Daniel Obasi | 2016

My ghosts are not gone, they come here
and make jokes with the waves about the life i live
Carelessly twisting the beautiful midnight tunes, that help my gentle soul sleep.
But welcome to my dream, a foolish space with
vain aspirations and unsympathetic thoughts
Dark shadows come here a lot to fly free from judgements….

If you stay close you will see them dance, graceful full of pride and unashamed of what they are
For here at the shores of badagry they can be real, expressive
and i can feel my heart beating a steady dark tune that only my ghosts will praise.

Muse: Daniel Obasi
Photography : Self portraits
Collage : Asmah Williams

Via Urbane Coven

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