Beautiful News: A showcase of South Africa’s positive stories

May 3rd, 2017


Beautiful News is just simply inspiring. It brings us stories of ordinary South Africans doing extraordinary things in their own little or small way. People all around you are making a difference! How are you contributing to making your society and your environment better? Please read the press release below

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Press Release

The digital platform delivers an inspiring story each day that reflects the goodness of the South African people

On 1 November 2016, the creators of 21 Icons South Africa, Ginkgo Agency, launched a new multimedia platform called Beautiful News. It is dedicated to delivering inspiring and uplifting stories that celebrate the spirit and community of the South African people in an authentic way.

The platform is visually and emotionally gripping, demonstrating the agency’s heart to capture untold stories through videos that are published at 4.14pm daily. The timeslot recognises the moment Nelson Mandela was released from prison on 11 February 1990.

Beautiful News continues to celebrate Mandela’s spirit by generating positive conversations about people who show generosity and kindness towards their neighbours, symbolise triumph over adversity or provide inspiration within their communities.

Beautiful News is founded by photographer and filmmaker Adrian Steirn, who was the visionary of the 21 Icons project, also inspired by Nelson Mandela. 21 Icons profiled the men and women who led South Africa’s journey to democracy and helped to unite its communities, later focusing on the young people continuing Madiba’s legacy through their work and actions.

The experience of creating that project made it clear that South Africa has an abundance of people whose untold stories are worthy of celebration. Beautiful News was born out of a desire to share them and has already grown its audience, achieving over 6 million page views in the month of March.

Adrian Steirn comments: “We are delighted to bring Beautiful News to life as a destination for inspiring and positive stories about South Africa and its people. Digital platforms and multimedia content have liberated our ability to communicate and for people to access and share their stories. Beautiful News will share powerful messages reflecting the actions and endeavours of ordinary citizens in an inclusive and engaging style, allowing the public to access and reflect on the goodness of the communities and the people around us in our country. Due to Mercedes-Benz South Africa’s commitment to continually showcase the best that South Africa has to offer, Steirn has been able once again to make this project a reality and share the greater good of the South African people with the public.”

In the future, Beautiful News will continue releasing one short film per day, unearthing stories from throughout the country and capturing the diverse set of voices and uniqueness of South Africa.

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