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June 3rd, 2017

Message from the curator/editor, Adiya

So the Muse Origins blog started out as a hobby way back in 2012. Seems so far away now…a good 5 years ago!

It was quite personal to me because it allowed me to express the most beautiful part of Africa – it’s art & crafts. And that was what Muse Origins was about – curating art so people all over the world can appreciate it & see this positive side of Africa.

So the idea of a marketplace came about because people asked how they could purchase some of what they were seeing. And it seemed like a good idea to monetize Muse Origins as a next step. This was around 2015. When we started, we achieved several milestones – finalized a business plan, got the initial site up & running, & got a staff to help. But we met with several challenges, some external but many more internal to us in terms of skills for a marketplace, focus on artisan acquisition (in terms of time and conflicting priorities), etc.

In light of these challenges & considering our strengths & vision, we are re-strategizing & going back to the basics. Muse Origins is good at curating, showcasing, and celebrating African art & craft on our magazine…we are not ready Iaunch a marketplace just yet!

And so the Muse Origins magazine is coming back full force here at http://museorigins.net. We will continue to curate African art & craft on the site, and we are open to doing the same at offline events in collaboration with like-minded people. We are working in revamping the site (we will let you know when) so that we can consolidate and be stronger in doing what we do best!

Thank you SO much to everyone who has been with us on this journey! We hope to do more going forward…we can’t wait!

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