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Afrofest + African-Americans appropriating African culture

A while ago, Zipporah Gene wrote a controversial article on Those People about how she thinks African-Americans appropriate African culture in their dress, particularly during Afropunk’s Festival....

Art + Illustration

Red Origins

Nigerian-American founders, Onyi and Obi Udeogranya (of independent animation studio, Kolanut productions), were inspired to create Red Origins because they saw that they couldn’t really...


TCD Photography – Portraiture at its Best

We were excited to talk to Tobbie of TCD Photography. In the Nigerian market, where photographers are numerous, Tobbie has been able to differentiate himself...


Miss Tati – Don’t Let Go

Angolan born musician, Miss Tati, is making waves with her debut album and Shakedown tour. She’s based in Norway and her singles, Shakedown and Don’t...

Collection + Lookbook

Zaouli by Loza Maléombho

Loza Maléombho’s latest collection, Zaouli, celebrates masked Zaoli dancers from the Guro tribe of Cote D’Ivoire. We have loved how unique Loza Maléombho has been...

Collection + Lookbook

Mba Metta by Nyorh Agwe

Cameroonian born designer, Nyorh Agwe, creates these beautiful jewellery that showcases her African roots. This collection below is named “M’ba M’etta” (We the Metta People)....

Image by Rog Walker
Collection + Lookbook

Ikire Jones SS16 Collection

We love Ikire Jones’ latest SS16 collection. It’s cool, and seems to tell a story through its fabrics. The fabric designs and scarves are certainly...

Art + Illustration

Daily Life in a Nigerian Town

Israeli-Ukrainian artist, Zoya Cherkassky-Nnadi, is married to a Nigerian man. Her work has often shown scenes from daily life, so it’s no surprise that she was...


Zulu Kids

Namsa Leuba photographs Zulu Kids in this adoring series. The kids range from cute toddlers to adolescents looking like they are ready to take on...

Art + Illustration

Interview: Inside E.X.O – The Legend of Wale Williams

Superheroes are an important part of every kid’s life, and many adults too! They represent hope, strength, and the reassurance that good triumphs over evil....