nakeya b (4)

Hair Stories by Nakeya Brown

Nakeya Brown‘s photography of African hair has always been beautiful. She’s got a minimalist style and coloring that drags you in and makes you stare...


Queen Amina of Zazzau

Many little Nigerian girls have heard of the legendary Queen Amina of Zazzau. Growing up, she was one of my earliest examples of a strong,...

Art + Illustration

Art by Folasade

Folasade Adeoso is an internet sensation. She’s well known as a model, but not as many¬†know how talented she is as a digital artist. I...

Art + Illustration

Well of Hope – Illustrations

These illustrations by Lukasz Kowalski are fine examples of how design and art can be used as a strong medium for advocacy. They were developed...


Ads Libitum

These art prints by Ads Libitum are downright creative. Major African-American music legends are literally transplanted into vintage print ads, redefining these ads in an...

Duro-Olowu-Spring-2015 (9)

Doro Olowu – Spring 2015

Doro Olowu is unarguably a master of print. Color, fabric, pattern and design all combine to create this powerful collection. Worn apart or together as...

the madame lookbook (3)
Collection + Lookbook

The Madame

The Nigerian women’s wear brand, Ejiro Amos Tafiri, recently released their latest collection, The Madame. The collection is simply glamorous. Beautiful satin, silk, lace, and...


1st October 2014

Emmanuel Ikubese is Mr. Nigeria 2014. He was true to his current title yesterday, as he celebrated Nigeria’s independence day on the 1st of October...

Solomon Adufah (2)
Art + Illustration

Solomon Adufah

Solomon Adufah is a talented Ghanian-born artist. Believe it or not, he is self taught! His comments about his work shows how much his art...

Art + Illustration

Portraits of Hair

Artist, So Yoon Lym, was born in South Korea, but lived much of her youth in Uganda and Kenya. Small wonder then that this part...